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Italian Kitchen with Heavenly Food

What is it about Italian food that makes it so easy to adopt as one's own? No matter what one's ethnic background, "eating Italian" is like coming home, enormously comforting, always satisfying and totally irresistible.
Italian Kitchen

Perhaps it's the Italian ability to combine simple food elements in equally simple way to come up with something far better than the sum of its parts.

Small wonder then that we faced a dilemma last week when we wanted to eat at the new L'Autre Saison on Crescent St. and were drawn like iron fillings to a magnet to the menus of La Vigna upstairs above it. Duty prevailed (very happily so, if you read last week's review), but we returned to the same location a few nights later and this time ascended the tempting stairs.

Luck was with us, as it happened, and we were given the last table in the house. A medium sized restaurant on split levels, it is very cozy, in a traditional way with brick walls, rust carpeting, burgundy table cloths over white, comfortable leather-like upholstered chairs and a token vine wending its way around the ceiling to justify its name.

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