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Wine  & Beer List

White   Wines

                                                                                                   Glass                       Bottle
                     JIMTOWN                                                                5.25                         21.00
                      From the Alexander Valley.  Rich fruit with balanced spice & oak.

                     Kendall-Jackson "Vintner's Reserve"            6.00                         23.00
                     Classic California style with tropical fruit, apple and citrus wrapped in                             
                subtle oak.

White  Zinfandel
                      Montevina                                                               4.00                        15.00
                      light and fruity with a sweet finish.

Italian  White
                      Contratto Vineyards "Gavi di Gavi"                6.50                        28.00
                       A "MUST TRY"! This special wine find is made from the Cortese grape.
                       Subtle and elegant, this is an alternative to Chardonnay.


Cabernet Sauvignon
                    Kendall-Jackson "Vintner's Reserve"            6.00                      25.00
                       A rich and full-bodied Cabernet with subtle tannins make this a perfect                    
                       match with red sauces.
                       Stone Creek                                                            4.75                      18.00
                       Smooth and fruity style with spice on the finish.

                       Kendall-Jackson "Vintner's Reserve"             6.00                      25.00
                        Elegant blend of plum and cherry flavors with soft vanilla and oak

                       Stone Creek                                                           4.50                      17.00
                       Light and pleasing with soft berry flavors and a touch of oak.

                       Le Caselle DOCG                                                   4.50                      17.00
                       Made from predominately Sangiovese grapes.  Subtle, yet rich with
                       cherry and dusty rose aromas.  Perfect pairing with Lorna's cuisine.
                       Tiziano                                                                     5.00                      19.00
                       Light, with a slight effervescence.  Hints of cherry and earthiness.


Kenwood - Vintage White or Red                      3.95                     14.00


Michelob-Dark Amber                      2.75
Budweiser                                          2.75
Bud Light                                            2.75
Karl Strauss Amber Lager                3.50
Peroni - Italian                                    3.75
Amstel Light - Holland                       3.25

O'Doul's                                               2.75