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Pasta  Specialties

Add 1 meatball or 2 Italian Sausages for 2.25
Add a chicken breast to any pasta for 2.25
Add a small Italian salad for 2.50

                                                                                       LUNCH                   DINNER
Pasta Marinara (meatless)                                        5.75                                 7.25

Pasta with Meat Sauce                                               5.95                                7.75

Eggplant Parmigiana                                                         5.95                                 9.25
Lightly breaded and seasoned fresh eggplant
Try it with a side of pasta or vegetables!!                               7.50                                10.25

Lasagna Florentine                                                            5.50                                  8.50
Ricotta cheese and spinach wrapped in a lasagna pasta and baked in marinara sauce.

Meat Lasagna                                                                        6.50                                   9.25

*Linguini Primavera*                                                        6.50                                   8.75
Fresh vegetables sautéed in olive oil, garlic, shallots, and herbs, then tossed with pasta.

*Chicken Primavera*                                                        7.75                                     10.50
Roasted chicken breast with fresh vegetables, sautéed in olive oil, garlic, shallots, and herbs, then tossed with pasta.

Manicotti                                                                        NA                                         9.25
Home made crepe stuffed with ricotta cheese and Italian herbs.

Cannelloni                                                                                 NA                                         9.25
Home made crepe stuffed with meat and Italian herbs.

*Linguini with Clams*                                                        7.50                                        10.25
Red or White sauce

Baked Mostaccioli                                                               6.50                                       9.25
Mostaccioli pasta, eggplant, ricotta cheese, baked in our marinara sauce and topped with mozzarella.

*Capellini Pomodoro*                                                         6.50                                       9.25
Angel hair pasta in a fresh zesty tomato & basil sauce.

Fettuccini Alfredo                                                               6.75                                       9.50
Fettuccini in a cream sauce seasoned with parmesan cheese and black pepper.

*Fusilli Roma*                                                                 7.25                                    9.50
Mushrooms, spinach and pancetta in our fresh tomato sauce, served over fusilli pasta.

Stuffed Eggplant                                                                   6.50                                    9.25
Prepared parmigiana style and stuffed with ricotta cheese.
Try it with a side of pasta or vegetables!                                  7.95                                    10.25

Rosemary Chicken Pasta                                                7.75                                     10.50
Chicken in a rosemary cream sauce tossed with sun dried tomatoes and grilled onions, and fettucini pasta.

Linguini Carbonara                                                         NA                                         9.75
Pancetta, ham, peas and mushrooms in a parmesan cream sauce.

Broccoli Pesto                                                              7.95                                          9.75
Fusilli pasta baked with broccoli, creamy pesto sauce and mozzarella.

Tagliatelle Bolognese                                                           7.95                                      10.50
Fettuccini in a cream sauce with sausage, ground beef, plum tomatoes, fresh garlic and oregano.
( it's a little spicy)

Gorgonzola and Chicken                                               7.75                                         10.50
Chicken, zucchini and fresh tomatoes, tossed with linguini in a gorgonzola cream sauce.

*Salmon Saute*                                                                         9.50                                        12.50
Fresh salmon sautéed with zucchini, mushrooms, grilled red onions and fresh tomato in a lemon butter sauce, tossed with linguini.

Sicilian Pasta                                                                              7.50                                        9.50
Cappellini pasta in our marinara sauce with roasted eggplant, tomato and garlic and tossed with feta cheese.

Sun Dried Tomato Fettuccini Pasta                              7.50                                      9.50
Fresh mushrooms and broccoli in a garlic cream sauce.

Ferni Pasta                                                                               7.75                                        10.50
Penne pasta in a garlic cream sauce with chicken, broccoli, mushrooms and red peppers.

The Italian potato dumpling. Enjoy with your choice of sauces:
       Garlic Cream Sauce                                                                     6.75                                        8.75
       Al Pesto                                                                                          6.95                                        8.95
       Tomato & Gorgonzola                                                                   6.75                                         8.75

Fra Di Avolo
Lorna's spicy marinara with fresh spinach & mushrooms tossed with linguini pasta and your choice of:
        Calamari                                                                                        7.95                                    10.50
        Salmon                                                                                           9.50                                      12.75
        Sea Scallops                                                                                 10.50                                    13.75

Joy's Tortelloni
Made fresh here. Pasta stuffed with fresh herbs, ricotta and cream cheese. Enjoy with your choice of sauces:
         Marinara                                                                                        NA                                     8.50
         Meat Sauce                                                                                   NA                                     8.75
         Garlic Cream                                                                                 NA                                     9.50
         Tomato Cream Sauce                                                                  NA                                      8.75

**Chicken Stock may be substituted for oil*